Software and Products Which is Used with Process Control

Software and Products Which is Used with Process Control

Software and Products which is Used with Process Control

Every process control is different from each other because of every process has its own requirements for the processing. This is 100 percent true when it comes to controlling processing in manufacturing. From custom-built processing control installations to cloud-based software suites, there are many different pieces of software. And also a number of different products used to help control the process. So now we discuss some of them.

Process control software

Process control software is the back bone of any process control system. So, it is usually custom made, based on your plant, industrial process, and other specific needs. There are companies that offer basic, pre-built process control platforms including Automation Direct, PQ system, Sartorius and etc.

These platforms can generally be customized to meet the needs of most large-scale industrial plants and manufacturers. Most of the time large companies prefer to hire software engineers for the purpose of building the custom process control software. But some pre build platforms can be convenient if you are not having enough budget.

Process Control Instrumentation

The most basic process control instrumentation is only one or several computer monitors, outputs, providing reading machines, getting all the information about every system and process, and other such information in real-time, based on the systems that control your process. This type of instrumentation is used for small-level manufacturing plants.

But when we discuss complex plants like nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and other plants use a different type of process control instrumentation. Like large screens, computers, numerous, and other complex instrumentation. In short, all the instrumentation doing the same thing but it depends on process control requirements.

Sensors and Monitoring System

In large scale and heavy process control system is connecting with sensors and monitoring system. Which is used for getting real time data about particular process.

Quality Assurance in Process Control System

Quality assurance is main part of the process control system because QA is used to determine the overall performance and quality of the products and ensure that everything is ok or not. AQ Engineering provides Automation and instrumentation trainings so join with us.


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